Monday, 19 October 2009

The Big Bling and Buy Giveaway contributor 1: Love, Hearts and Crosses!

What better way to kick off the week leading up to the Big Bling and Buy Giveaway on Friday, then by looking at the gorgeous items donated by Conny from Love, Hearts and Crosses, who came up with the whole idea in the first place! Not only is Conny full of brilliant ideas (just look at her site and her Twitter) but she has generously given three items for the big prize!

First up are these cheerful red cherry earrings in the image above. Perfect to add a zing of colour to an outfit, they really do look good enough to eat!

This vintage style rocking horse necklaces comes complete with blue gingham bow and black beaded necklace. Adorable, no?

Finally Conny has donated this Amour necklace, a popular product from her I love Paris range.

So that's the first three items are the giveaway, keep an eye on the blog though as there are plenty more to come! You can follow us on twitter too here for updates.


sassyele said...

i am sooooo in love with those earrings....just keepin me eyes open now to see how to win 'em! lol xx

Quincifer said...

Same here! I got a necklace from LHC and its so cute! Can't wait to enter!

Claire said...

amazing! I wanted that rocking horse necklace since ever and am asking for it when christmas comes. this competition sounds great!
Claire x

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