Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The Big Bling and Buy Giveaway contributor 3: Funky Junk Jewellery

Day 2 of the Big Bling and Buy giveaway reveal is all about Funky Junk Jewellery! I recently featured Lindsay's Tattoo Love Ring, (which went to a very good home, the finger of an engaged friend of Lindsay's!)

Lindsay creates a wide range of jewellery, with the Roller Derby and Anyone for Tea selections sitting at the forefront. She's kindly offered these turqoise studs on the right for the giveaway. I was lucky enough to test the red ones a little while back and they really are lovely, very cute and delicate! They come mounted on a FJJ business card so you can hand it out when people ask where they're from (trust me, they will!)


sassyele said...

i was just wondering how we enter to win these fab jewellery items...being a big fan of the Funky Junk range, i'd love the opportunity to enter, just not sure what i have to do! lol x

Em said...

All will be revealed on Thursday afternoon/evening with the competition running on Friday from 9am-9pm.

*hint* It will involve having a good browse of all the contributor's ranges, so you can get a head start now!

sassyele said...

thanks hun - i'll bear that in mind! lol i'll certainly be keeping an eye on your tweets as the prizes you have on here are to die for! xx

Anonymous said...

Very intereting what you are doing-reviewing.Seems like a good idea.But do you youself buy and sell jewellery?
If you are interested have a look,we also do jewellery parties,maybe you can promote that for us?Anyway good luck

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