Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The Big Bling and Buy Giveaway Contributor 5: Miss Dollypops

You know what's awesome and also rubbish about this giveaway? I've seen the gorgeous donations first hand and am getting really excited about doing the competition on Friday, but I don't get to see the lucky winners reaction when they win and open up all their goodies!

Anyway I digress. Miss Dollypops goodies arrived in the post yesterday, and you are in for a treat! Or 3 treats to be exact. Three pretty bags arrived containing the following:

A love necklace, with a sparkly heart and LOVE charm.

A funky headband, perfect for adding a finishing touch to an outfit. You can see the image above of it on the model, and below, of the band in more detail.

There's also a ring, which Miss Dollypops created at the last minute especially for Bling and Buy! It's all wrapped it up, so I'm going to leave that as a special surprise for the winner!

So we've still got 2 contributions to go, and we're already up to NINE prizes! See, told you it was an awesome prize :)

1 comment:

Quincifer said...

Ahhhh they just keep getting better!
Love that necklace :)

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