Sunday, 4 October 2009

LaurasJewellery: Available/Taken Necklace

Imagine the scenario. You fancy a night out with the girls, but you're not so keen on getting hit on by random guys who just don't get the message. What's a girl to do? Take a big stick out with her to keep them at bay?

How about grabbing this gorgeous little necklace, which does the talking for you? Created by LauraJewellery, who has an Etsy store and a Folksy store, the necklace features a tiny lock and the word 'Taken'. The necklace is £7, and has another added benefit. Turn the necklace over, and the other side displays the word 'Available'. The perfect necklace for that friend of yours who changes their facebook relationship status as often as their clothes :)

The Etsy store also features some kitch items, including this Red Heart Necklace, and this Martini Menu Necklace. You can follow LaurasJewellery on Twitter here.


embellished said...

I love this! Very cute and very clever idea.

Quincifer said...

What a great idea :)

JJ said...

Ems I love this and I LOVE this blog, didn't know about it your secretive squirrel! Fabulous (you and the site) xx

Em said...

Aw thank you JJ! I'll have to do a bit more twitter publicity :)

p.s Love this necklace too, it's one of the most popular necklaces on the site.

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