Friday, 16 October 2009

Red L:ips: Bling vs Budget friendly

See this little sparkler on the right? It's been in my ASOS basket 5 times today. I love it, but I can't quite justify forking out £55 for it (or even lower with the discount code asosgrazia for 25% off). It's the Lulu Guinness Red Encrusted Lip Ring and is the closest I'll ever get to this clutch. I love it, equally as much as I love the silver version too.

Luckily though, Love, Hearts and Crosses have an extremely cute alternative that my bank manager will *love*. These 'Kiss me Quick' earrings on the left are only £5, and are far more wearable than their blingy alternative. Plus they're a fifth of the price! Bargain.

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