Monday, 9 November 2009

Karina Anne Design: Cupcakes and Twists

Cupcakes are one of my many weaknesses when it comes to shopping, and I'm not just talking about the edible kinds. I have an overflowing box of cupcake decorations, a couple of funky cupcake prints, and even a chopping board covered in the tasty treats. The one thing I need though is a kitsch looking pot to store all my jewellery goodies in. I've seen a few on the high street, but they've all been a little too bold for my tastes. This pot from fair trader jewellery creator Karina Anne is just perfect though. Handmade from French porcelain, you can grab it from £14.99.

Karina does some lovely jewellery pieces too. These sterling silver wrapped earrings are £25, and would fit nicely into the little cupcake pot as a gift. All of the jewellery from her store is made with ethically-sourced materials in her Suffolk studio, so they'll all have a personal and eco-friendly edge.

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