Thursday, 28 January 2010

The return of 'shag bands'

So, apparently 'shagbands' are back in fashion, although this time they're back with the more politically correct name of 'Gummy bracelets'

I remember these the last time they were in fashion, 10 years ago or so. We also used to wear them twisted together, or you'd try and jam as many up your arm as possible, so the boys couldn't snap them.

So what do you think of this retro fashion piece making a comeback? Will you be rushing out to buy these bright and colourful bands, or leaving them back in the 90s?


trinket box said...

Haha I used to love those. I always used to twist mine together! x

poppet said...

Awwww I LOVED these!
But nope, never going to wear them again. They can stay back in the 90's for me! x

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