Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Oriental Magpie: Vintage style wooden butterfly brooch

My weakness for anything butterfly related is evident in my clothing choices, decor selections and, of course, in my jewellery box. I've got necklaces, rings and bracelets adorned with this fluttery little creature, but one thing that's missing is a beautiful brooch to casually pin to an outfit.

These vintage style wooden butterfly brooches (£6 each from The Oriental Magpie) are a perfect mixture of classic style and eye-catching colour.

They're small enough to pin to a headband or hairslide for a boho look too. Now all I need is a little bit of sunshine to showcase these babies!

1 comment:

miss leslieanne said...

oooh, those a re beautiful!
i'm a bit of a butterfly loony myself (so much so that it's my other half's 'pet name' for me!), may have to point him in the direction of these :)

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