Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Five kitsch mobile charms

Nothing like a bit of bling bling to go with your ring ring-tone, eh?

OK, appalling rhyming aside, mobile charms have fallen under the radar a bit at Bling and Buy. I've always feared that adding a charm to my mobile will only encourage it to form an unbreakable knot with my car keys and my earphones when I attempt to rescue it from my handbag.

However, I definitely think there's a place for a bit of phone accessorising (namely, a handbag far more organised than my own). Which is why I've rounded up five of the cutest mobile charms for your browsing pleasure.

Assorted Dog Keyring & Mobile Phone Charm, M&S, £7.50

Sushi Charms, set of 3, Folksy seller MrJin's Shady Business, £3

Hello Kitty Charm, Cherished Gems, £1.95

Assorted Donut Charms, Emariecreations, $7

Happy Cloud Mini Charm, Etsy designer Thatbearisknitting, $3.50

Seen any more good charms? Let us know in the comments.

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