Friday, 7 May 2010

Sale Watch: ASOS

ASOS, you and I have had a long and successful relationship. I have fond memories of the first day I stumbled upon your site as a cheapo student, when you were simply As Seen On Screen. Your cheap prices and fast turnover of stock drew me in like a moth to a (glittery) flame. Now look at you! Designer outfits, killer heels and some really gorgeous jewellery pieces, both own brand and brand name.

ASOS's sale is well worth a look at the moment, with many on-trend pieces making a premature jump into the reduced section. Here are a few of my favourites.

ASOS Enamelled Bow Necklace With Pearl, £6.40 (reduced from £8)

ASOS Vintage Style Metal Bonnet Ring, £4 (reduced from £8)

ASOS Birds Nest Drop Earrings With Mother Of Pearl Birds, £5 (reduced from £8)

Are you an ASOS fan?

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