Tuesday, 29 June 2010

DIY: Jewellery charms on DaWanda

If you're not familiar with DaWanda, it's a European online marketplace, similar to the concepts of Etsy and Folksy. It's a really nicely designed site, and I found myself having a good browse of the section for jewellery supplies. If you fancy making your own jewellery, you might like some of these pieces:

The wishing well silver charms above are from a seller called TheSecretGarden, priced at 0.99 € each.

Martini Glass charms from Nicoledebruin, priced at 1.60 € per pair.

Antique Silver Rose Flower Pendant from FindingSupplies, priced at 2.00 €

There's a huge amount of choice, so it's worth a browse for any budding designers.

Are you on DaWanda? Share your shop link in the comments if you are!

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