Saturday, 10 October 2009

Make your own: Toffee House

I've been thinking a lot about what to buy people for Christmas that's different from the usual gift vouchers and gift sets, particularly as my budget this year is a lot less than last year. So I'm thinking it's all about coming up with ideas that are creative and fun. Obviously there are quite a few picks that I've featured on Bling and Buy that I've got earmarked for friends and family, but there are a couple of younger family members who I have something different in mind for.

So I've been browsing Etsy store Toffee House for some ideas. Toffee House is run by Ayu and Seng, and they sell really cute cabochons and supplies that look good enough to eat. You can make some really lovely little brooches or necklaces or earrings with them, or give them to a friend to create their own individual design. I have dreams of filling a giant cookie jar with all of these goodies to hand out to visitors or just keep to myself! They're $12 for 20 of these tasty little tokens, and I can't wait for mine to arrive in the post!


Ayu said...

Wow wow! First to comment, YAY! Thank you Emma for featuring Toffee House :D

I hope you receive the cuties soon and hope you like them!

*Hugs Ayu

Ayu said...

I hope your younger ones have fun with them!

And you just gave me the idea of filling up a giant cookie jar with all my sweets cabochon! I think I will just do that for keepsake :D

Quincifer said...

That is SUCH a good idea!!! Makes me a little hungry though...

Viva La Fashion said...

they look really cute! :)

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